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Bet Lucre aims to provide the best, and most transparent experience possible. All handicappers on Bet Lucre are expected to strive for excellence. If our handicappers don’t win, you don’t pay. Simple as that.
For extra transparency, Lucre will often seek proof of wagers from our handicappers. Lucre has a zero tolerance policy for any dishonesty within our community, and all handicappers must follow our KYC process.

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From exclusive betting advice and bankroll management skills, to industry rumors and head to head wagering and tournaments.Whether you’re a professional or casual sports bettor, Bet Lucre has all of the tools you need to succeed in sports wagering.

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Track all of your wagers, along with detailed betting history. Compete against your peers in our Peer 2 Peer wagering system.

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Think you’re the best handicapper? Prove it with our completely transparent 3rd party tracking. Post and sell your bets and receive monthly payouts in LCRx.

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Compare the odds of all major sports from the most renowned sports books in the world. Guarantee yourself the best betting odds.

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Using the BetLucre Mobile App, users will enjoy the ability to easily and seamlessly buy in/cash out at table and slot games in participating casinos, globally. Fully integrated with, users will be able to keep an even more detailed betting history of ALL wagers made, whether in a casino, or at a sports book. Easily login through our app to any of our partner sports books and place your wagers.
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